A New Journey

Welcome friends! You might be thinking, “Another health blog?” and yes, I realize reading about topics like “Top 5 best foods” might be redundant, but stick with me!

It is my hope to provide a new perspective on health topics that gets you excited about learning more about your health. Our wellness should be the No. 1 priority because if we are not at our best, how can we give our best in our lives?

Our quality of life improves when we take care of our health and I often think the best way to address our health is by the well-known maxim: mind, body and spirit. All three aspects work together.

Coming from a 22-year-old, this may all seem trite, but this is one of the reasons I chose the blog title “Be Health Wise”. Living a healthy lifestyle is a learning process and a growth process. It requires dedication to become erudite about your health and also requires you take action. Evaluating what you are eating, making exercise a regular part of your life, researching supplementary material from experts and reflecting on your mental well being are all a part of taking action.

After some time of dedicating yourself to absorbing the knowledge, you become wiser about the decisions you make everyday.

Making a lifestyle change that empowers you is not just about feeling good in your own clothes or looking fabulous at the beach. It is about, among other things, lowering our risk for disease, giving ourselves the best life possible and sharing the experience with others.

That’s true empowerment.

So join me on this journey and let’s be health wise today!